Interactions between society and environment are at the core of many of the world’s most pressing social, economic, and political issues at the start of the 21st Century.  The Human-Environment Research Group (HERG) is a group of students and faculty united by a common interest in the integrated study of nature, society, culture, and economies in the broadest sense. HERG students and faculty examine processes and patterns that underpin human transformations of the environment, but they also pursue a critical analysis of power, discourses, and control over resources.  HERG research engages contemporary debates in critical development studies, environmental governance, and environmental justice in a variety of social, economic and political contexts.  We hope to foster a dynamic learning community wherein all members can participate in the debates and discussion about the processes, meanings, and patterns that shape society’s use of the world’s resources.

We have weekly HERG meetings (1pm Fridays in CSA 201), and the topics, themes or guest are listed on the “HERG meeting” page.  Please contribute to the HERG blog.  Consider adding photos, commentaries, reflections on books you have read, or anything you think that the group would be interested in discussing, debating, or simply reading!